Searching For Balance: Millennial Lawyers' Perspectives on the legal industry

MLA 2023 Report

As the legal industry continues to find its footing following the disruptions of a global pandemic, it must adjust not only to external forces, such as economic downturns, but also to internal developments like the evolving values and priorities of its own workforce.

With members of the millennial generation making up the largest portion of the legal profession, their influence is increasingly being reflected both in firm policies and in individual lawyers’ attitudes.

To better understand these shifting workplace dynamics, Major, Lindsey & Africa and Above the Law have partnered since 2017 on a series of biannual surveys to learn about the priorities and perspectives of millennial lawyers as well as the generational differences that may exist between this group and its older counterparts.

Some of the findings from our most recent survey include:

  • Compensation and work/life balance are the most important factors for respondents evaluating potential employers.
  • More than half of respondents said they would trade a portion of their compensation for more time off.
  • 59% of associates and 42% of partners believe that the millennial generation is changing law firm policies and culture for the better.
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