Reshaping Transactions:
Findings From the Litera Technology
in M&A Report

On-Demand Webinar


Technology is transforming legal M&A practice and workflow. In a new Technology in M&A Report, Litera documents some of the technology trends affecting M&A legal teams. Based on research in the US, UK and Canada, the report shows widespread adoption of software tools specific to M&A practice, and reveals the changing attitudes of M&A lawyers toward the benefits and impact of technology on their work and teams.

Join us for a free webinar detailing what they’ve found.

Led by the legal tech journalist Bob Ambrogi, an expert panel will explore:

  • How M&A teams have already adopted a wide variety of technologies in their work. 
  • The increasing use of AI-based tech in this data-rich practice area.
  • How technology is reshaping legal teams — and the skillsets behind a successful career in the field. 
  • How technology is enabling more client-centric service delivery.


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