How Legal, Engineering Teams Can Collaborate To Reduce Open Source Risk


If attorneys are unaware of how software developers are using open-source software (OSS) at their company, they may be leaving the organization open to legal, reputational, and transaction-related risk.

However, if the legal department imposes rules governing the use of open-source that are viewed as onerous or arbitrary, software developers may not adhere to them, creating risk for the organization.

Although the relationship between in-house counsel and software developers may appear tricky, creating a collaborative, constructive relationship between them is entirely possible.

In this free white paper, our friends at FOSSA explore how to do just that.

Download this paper to learn:

  • Initial open-source best practices
  • How to persuade software developers to prioritize OSS compliance
  • What an effective workflow between developers and attorneys looks like
  • How to handle developer requests to contribute to OSS projects outside of the company
  • How all of these strategies can help build general OSS compliance in your organization

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