How GCs Can Turn Economic Uncertainty
Into Opportunity

On-Demand Presentation — CLE-Eligible

cubes-2492010_1920-300x160The pace of change is only accelerating. Whether a pandemic, recession, or an upturn in the market, these different economic cycles present unique challenges and opportunities for businesses.

While recessions or even just dips in the economy tend to impact all sectors, the changes you make now will benefit you in future economic conditions in the way of increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving legal outcomes.

Now is the time for corporate law departments to strengthen their contributions and recognition within their organization as GCs seek new strategies and upgrades to support strategic business objectives.

Join our expert panel — sponsored by our friends at Paragon Legal — as they share the opportunities law departments should focus on.

Key Topics

  • Winning strategies to reduce costs and improve legal outcomes
  • Reviewing budget and processes to identify inefficiencies
  • Rethinking staffing and outsourcing model
  • Specific ways savvy law departments can make it all a reality

Paragon Presenters